“Where there is a problem, there is a opportunity.” – unknown

NEA Online Community Membership

In today’s high-tech, Internet world, information is just a click away.  The Internet has become the super library for knowledge.  At the same time, information is everywhere and can be difficult to find and use.  With that in mind, the National Entrepreneurship Association wants to take the guess work out of your efforts to start and manage a small business.  In addition, NEA wants to help you grow your business by making it easier for people to find and support you.  Here is how we do that with our Online Community.

Knowledge Forums
Our Online Community has a broad range of forums that contain information on business topics that affect you.  Here, you can post questions and acquire answers from experts and other business owners who are experiencing the same issues as you.  You can also share your experiences as well. Join Now
Business Directory Listing
There are many business directories on the Internet and in communities.  Nonetheless, NEA’s directory is specifically setup to promote small businesses.  Our goal is to make this directory as comprehensive as possible to ensure that customers will use this specific directory to find and support small businesses.  Your business listing will give you greater visibility and help to make this the best directory for small business owners. Join Now

Event Listing
To further help you promote your business, NEA also gives you access to an Event Calendar for you to post your events and activities.  Similarly to the Business Directory, NEA is working to become the most comprehensive source for small business information.  Your events will help us accomplish this while improving your brand as well. Join Now
Research Database
Part of being an entrepreneur is the process of finding and seizing upon opportunities that exists.  Opportunities could be in the form of an underserved market, an unrecognized demand for a product or innovation, etc.  NEA is working to find these areas of interest.  Through our Research Database, you will be the first to know. Join Now

Business Development Webinars
To help you start and operate your small business, NEA offers webinars that can give you some understanding of various business functions. Take advantage of these offerings at your convenience. Join Now

Additional Services for College Students

NEA strongly believes in providing practical entrepreneurial experiences to students.  Here are some of the additional services we offer to Collegiate level members.

Business Plan Competitions
Business Plan Competitions is one of the best ways to test and refine potential business ideas and concepts.  By competiting in competitions, students have an opportunity to get feedback from business leaders and potential investors.  In addition, students have an opportunity to network with other entrepreneurs and like-minded individuals.  Join as a Collegiate Member and learn more about competitions and how to prepare. Join Now
Conference Scholarship Opportunities
There are a wide range of professional conferences that take place every year.  In these arenas, business owners and professionals learn more about the latest trends in their field and build upon their network.  Sending College students to these events helps to prepare them for the realities of business and the professional world.  As a Collegiate Member, you will have the opportunity to apply for scholarships to attend national conferences and meet some of the best and brightest business leaders in the world. Join Now

“The National Entrepreneurship Association is creating a systematic approach to business development.  This process starts with the youth.” – Gary Robinson

Youth Services

Youth entrepreneurship is an important part of developing the next generation of entrepreneurs.  Here are the additional resources we offer to youth.

Youth Entrepreneurship Training
Instilling the entrepreneurial spirit is something that starts at a young age.  With our KidCommerce Youth Training program, NEA is teaching youth how to start a business, write a basic business plan, and implement those plans.  This training includes making presentations business professional and competing for potential startup capital. Join Now
Youth Business Incubators
NEA wants to help students with implementing their business plans.  To do this, students have the opportunity to run their businesses through partnerships with schools, churches, and other non-profit agency to provide space, technology, and phone systems to students who are actively running a business.  If there is no Incubator in your area, please contact us and we will work find a partner for you in your area. Join Now