If you want to master the art of your business, this book will start you on the journey.  Although this particular edition is written as a literal translation for the sake of war, there is a business equivalent to every aspect of this book.  There are editions that are specific to business; but unfortunately, many of them don’t cover all the aspects that this edition covers.  I suggest reading this edition and make the comparison to business for yourself.

Why is this book so important?  There are many reasons, but let me try to keep this simple.  On a broad scale, it truly helps the entrepreneur understand the interconnected nature of a business and/or strategic plan.  Running a business is not just about producing products and services, marketing, and selling.  It is also about understanding the competition, customers, and relationships.  It is properly deploying resources and properly positioning the business in the market.  Understanding all of the factors surrounding one’s business will ensure success.  This book helps to pull all of these factors together.

The Master General is one who can win a war without taking a single life. – Sun Tzu

Have you done a SWOT Analysis for your business?  Do you know your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats?  If you don’t this book may help you understand why you should.  I have found this process to be extremely enlightening and has benefited me for years.  In many ways, the Art of War shares a similar approach but challenges you to consider other aspects of your business that may not seem apparent on the surface.  After reading this book, it will have you reassessing everything from relationships to the timing of launching new products.

I absolutely recommend this book.  Please read and ask questions.  We would love to have an open discussion on this.