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Starting a business takes time. Having a convenient place to find help and assistance can go along way.

You are Not Alone

It can be a lonely proposition to start a business. It is risky and takes courage. Here is a community of people who understand the struggle and can help you along the way.

Cultivating the Spirit of Entrepreneurship in Youth

The entrepreneurial spirit must be cultivated at a young age. The National Entrepreneurship Association's KidCommerce program does just that.

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Every Business was Started as a Small Business with an Entrepreneur

The National Entrepreneurship Association is striving to build communities of small businesses and entrepreneurs across America and beyond.  Join us as we work to start and maintain fulfilling lifestyles through entrepreneurship and small business ownership.

A History of Making an Impact

The Collegiate Entrepreneurial Leadership Institute

The Collegiate Entrepreneurial Leadership Institute was an initiative that was established to further expose college students to the practical world of small business ownership.  These students participated in the National SBA Conference,Read More…

The Emerging Business Leaders Summit

The Emerging Business Leaders Summit (EBLS) exposed college students to entrepreneurial ideas and concepts while training them in the fundamentals of business enterprise.  The event itself was a comprehensive two-day conference andRead More…

KidCommerce USA

In 2001, the National Entrepreneurship Association (NEA) partnered with KidCommerce USA in Winston-Salem, North Carolina to teach youth entrepreneurship to economically disadvantaged youth.  In a partnership with the Housing Authority of Winston-Salem,Read More…
Entrepreneurship.  Innovation.  These are the essential components of American economic strength and leadership in the world.  We must cultivate these concepts on a greater level if America is going to stay strong and competitive in the global market place.
Gary Robinson
Founder & Chairman